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About Chizuko Kuroiwa

About MS Chizuko KuroiwaMs Kuroiwa has been very active in various social activities in the past 40+ years in Japan, mostly on human rights for minorities. Such peopleinclude the mentally retarded people, children with difficulty with adopting to school systems and the aged people in rural communities.

Her social activities dates back to her days at the University of Tokyo from late 1950s to 1960s. She met her husband, now he is a doctor contributing to the aged people in rural communities in Japan. The occasion they met was somehow dramatic, as it was through the student activities to support the spirit of the Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, that had established the abandonment of the armed forces.

Having graduated from the University with mathematics major in 1963, she started her professional carrier as a teacher of mathematics in high schools in Tokyo. From 1970, she started working as a nurse at nursery homes in Tokyo and Niigata Prefecture for the total of 19 years.

From 1990, Ms Kuroiwa started an open home, “Community of The Earth” in Yamato-machi, Niigata Prefecture, where she has lived till today. This home was for children who had difficulty at home or school to spend time without feeling pressure, constraints, fear, etc. In the book she has authored later, she said that “Community of The Earth” had brought profound opportunities for her to learn life through the encounter of many children having difficulties to shine for various reasons.

Ms Kuroiwa’s fight for the better society does not stop at her home town. She was a member of the Diet of Japan for 5 months in 2001. She supported a number of women candidates who ran for the seat of the Parliament, Government of all the local levels all over Japan. Ms Kuroiwa has been on the GO all the time, but loved by everyone she met.
At home, she is the mother of seven children, who are already grown up to be professionals working for the society, such as a lawyer, a politician, school teacher, etc. It goes without saying that she educated girls and boys equally at home.

In connection with “The Gift from Beate“, Ms Kuroiwa is a member of the “Committee”, a group of women, who launched the project of the movie and worked hard throughout the movie production process, including fund raising, search for a producer, film promotion, etc. Ms Kuroiwa has been taking key roles in all these activities.



1. The Gift from Beate » Exeptional show of the film “The Gift from Beate” on the 12 & 13 May 2006 - April 19, 2006

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2. Jacob Kovalio - April 21, 2012

Dear Ms. Kuroiwa,

I am a professor of Japanese History at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I have read your most interesting background and am impressed with The Gift from Beate. I am organizing a conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada[JSAC] in mid October, 2012. I intend to invite Mrs. Sirota-Gordon as keynote speaker and yourself as Japanese female commentator. I would appreciate your reply and any advice you might have about financial support for our conference . We apply to many institutions for support . Best,

Jacob Kovalio

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